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Welcome to Recovery Bytes Blog, a blog for and about people coping with addiction and recovery from addiction. Life isn’t always easy and after quitting anything…can be tough (and sometimes downright comical). We hope you will find something here that may help you in your daily travels through your recovery and life. Please feel free to share on this blog and contribute your experience, strength and hope to others. Whether you are in recovery or desperately seeking for answers to some of the rather persistent problems that active addiction can cause, we hope you will come to this blog often to browse and/or contribute.

This blog is sponsored by Turning Point of Tampa, where since 1987, over 8,000 individuals have faced their addictions or eating disorder head on to find a way out and lead productive, useful and hopeful lives through treatment and 12 Step recovery. If you or someone you know needs help…someone is available 24 hours a day to help at 800-397-3006.

Letting go of self defeating behaviors and addictions, and creating new life skills, can be difficult. It takes time and effort. Our mission at Turning Point of Tampa is to assist you or your loved one in reaching this new life every Step of the way.