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How Does Anorexia Affect the Body?

Every 62 minutes, someone suffering from anorexia nervosa dies. Eating disorders are a growing epidemic in America and kill more people than any other mental illness. Anorexia is more than simply not eating; it wreaks havoc on the entire body. Digestion and Metabolism Long-term anorexia destroys the digestive tract and promotes severe constipation. The body […]

What Does Florida’s New Office of Drug Control Mean for Residents?

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced that the state’s Office of Drug Control will be re-established with a specific task force aimed at dealing with the current opioid crisis. So what does this mean for Floridians? Former Governor Jeb Bush created the Office of Drug Control in the late ‘90s as one of his first […]

Choosing an Ethical Recovery Program

When an addict makes the brave decision to begin searching for a treatment center, there are several steps they should follow to select an ethical program. While time is critical in this situation due to the vulnerability and heavy emotions an addict may be experiencing, there’s still time to do your research. There are several […]

How Long Does It Take to Recover from Bulimia?

It is important to recognize eating disorders do not develop overnight. In fact, years of mental and emotional anguish cause sufferers to begin overeating and purging in order to gain some sense of control in their lives. Months or Years of Recovery Depending on several factors, it may take several months or even a few […]