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How Common is Relapse After Rehab, and How Can It Be Avoided?

A slip, or even a full-blown relapse, is not uncommon on the road to addiction recovery. Addiction to drugs and alcohol, also known as substance use disorder, is a chronic disease with relapsing-remitting cycles. Those in active recovery are in a state of remission, with no symptoms of addiction. Relapse occurs when symptoms of addiction (Read More…)

How to Have A Safe and Sober Halloween

Halloween is a beloved holiday for both children and adults. Kids get to beg for candy — and no one says no for once! And Halloween parties give adults the opportunity to exercise their alter-egos for a night. There can be some scary downsides to the day, including safety issues for children, and increased anxiety (Read More…)

Is It Possible to Become Psychologically Addicted to Food?

The word “addiction” typically brings to mind drug or alcohol dependence. But individuals can be addicted to anything that triggers their pleasure center or is perceived to fulfill a need – like sex, gambling, video games, shopping, a certain food, or any number of other substances or activities. Addiction means the body has become dependent, (Read More…)

Addiction Science Advocacy: Influencing Public Policy for More Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Addiction science advocates combine scientific research with political support to help expand access to addiction treatment. A paper published in the International Journal of Drug Policy describes addiction science advocacy as a way to “translate scientific findings into public policy and thereby reduce the harmful consequences of drug problems.” Advocacy Groups Advocacy groups work to (Read More…)