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Does Addiction Ever Go Away?

When a person becomes addicted to a substance, the brain learns to rewire itself to crave that substance. This can become tricky for an addict who has made the choice to get clean. Many situations may trigger the brain to seek the substance again; therefore, it is imperative for the recovering addict to be aware […]

Why Family Support is Critical in Recovery

Recovery from addiction is the most important step for an addict, as ongoing addiction can lead to mental and physical deterioration and even death. There are many vital factors to a successful recovery. Family support is one of the most critical. Your Recovery May Depend on Family and Friends The National Institute on Drug Abuse […]

How Does 12-Step Recovery Work?

12-step recovery programs are designed to assist people suffering from addiction of all kinds, from substance abuse to eating disorders to problem behaviors like gambling and sex. These programs encourage members to follow a series of steps to achieve lasting recovery and a good quality of life. Some people, however, need treatment to jumpstart their […]

What Qualifies as an Eating Disorder?

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, 10 million people are affected by eating disorders. This statistic continues to grow even as 61% of Americans are overweight or suffering from obesity. Many misconstrue eating disorders as solely about the food; however, eating disorders go well beyond how we choose to eat. What Are Eating Disorders? […]