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Treatment to Beat Synthetic Marijuana in Hillsborough County

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There are a variety of nicknames for commonly abused drugs, and synthetic marijuana has several street names including Spice, K2, and Fake Weed. In addition to being addictive, there is a recent warning from Hillsborough County Health Officials about the possibility of rat poison contamination in the street-drug Spice.

Dangers of the drug known as “Spice”

Our staff has treated patients for Spice addictions and we are very familiar with the dangers, however, the threat of rat poisoning adds an even more dangerous element.

Turning Point of Tampa’s own Jon Jasper, LMHC, is featured in this news story from NewsChannel 8 WFLA about the latest warning in Hillsborough County.


A Message from Robin Piper, Turning Point’s CEO

“I would like to thank Jon Jasper, LMHC, for educating the community on the dangers of Spice and what to look for if you suspect your loved one is using Spice.  As the CEO/Clinical Director of Turning Point of Tampa for the past 21 years, I have seen the lasting effects of Spice and other drugs on our clients.  I encourage family members and friends to call 911 in the event of an emergency or reach out to us at Turning Point of Tampa if you have questions or concerns about alcohol or drugs.”