Turning Point of Tampa has one commitment that underlies everything we do, and that’s our dedication to our clients.

We provide quality low cost and effective residential, day, intensive outpatient and aftercare services for addiction, eating disorders and dual diagnosis. Individually tailored, our treatment programs focus on relapse prevention and the development of life skill changes that are necessary for a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

Larry P.

“Turning Point of Tampa has truly been a place for dramatic life changes in me.  It has been only through this program that I was able to admit my disease.  Without it, I would have certainly continued toward a path of grave destruction.”

Pam T.

"Turning Point has truly been just as the name says….my 'turning point'. After many years of addiction and chaos, through the program at Turning Point and efforts and support of the entire staff, I leave here with the tools to live a happy, meaningful life. Thank you to everyone here for saving my life."

David L.

“This program saved my life and that of my family.”

Penny P.

“I was dying when I got here and you brought me back to life.  I was greeted with smiles and hugs and this felt good.  I worked hard and did what you told me, trusting the staff and the process.  You are all in my heart.  I am going to the next step of recovery.  Turning Point was my home.”

Rick G.

“Thank you for all your help and support.  I initially came here in total denial but Turning Point opened my eyes and led me on my road to recovery.  I will forever remain indebted to this program and its staff.”