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Residential Treatment

For those in need of residential treatment, Turning Point of Tampa provides services that are second to none.  Turning Point of Tampa is one of the few facilities in Florida that is licensed to provide residential treatment.

Our clinical team works with each client to devise an individualized treatment plan with the goal of complete and continuous abstinence. Each client meets with his or her individual therapist once every week. Solid group therapy is the keystone of our program.

Our facility is on a single campus, with a main building where clinical services are provided, and adjacent to it are the duplexes where our clients reside.  Located among these residential homes, which over the years have come to be known as “The Village,” is a staff office. Clients are monitored 24 hours a day and there are always staff members available for support.


Level I is our most intensive program. It is based on a 30-day model in which clients are under staff supervision around the clock. In this setting, the focus of treatment is relapse prevention, development of healthy coping skills, and identification of one’s underlying issues relating to addiction, eating disorders and other addictive behaviors. Clients will take part in various types of group therapy focusing on trauma, abuse, grief, and loss, as well as relapse prevention. Our staff uses a highly effective array of methods, including psychodrama. Many groups are gender specific, enabling clients to address sensitive issues without members of the opposite sex present.

Extended Care

In Level II, clients gradually begin to transition back into the outside world and life in recovery. It is designed to set up clients for success as they acclimate to continuous abstinence. While still under the care of our staff, clients are expected to begin working, volunteering, or furthering their education and to occupy 16 to 20 hours per week to do so. They spend the remainder of their time at Turning Point of Tampa, attending individual and group sessions, as well as other community functions.

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