Overcoming Fear by John F.

Overcoming Fear | Turning Point of Tampa

Since I can remember, I always had addictive tendencies.  Anything I could do to take my mind off how I felt, or what I was thinking, I would do in excess.  I was never comfortable in my own skin, I always lived in fear and from an early age, I knew there was something different […]

The First Step, by Jenn F.

First Step | Recovery Bytes | Turning Point of Tampa

At my first AA meeting, I decided I wasn’t an alcoholic. You see, I compared myself to every person who shared.  I listened to people talking about DUI’s, losing their spouse over their addiction, losing jobs, going to jail…none of that had happened to me, YET. Sure, I’d driven drunk, woken up in places I didn’t […]

A Better Understanding by Aaron M.

A Better Understanding by Aaron M. | Recovery Bytes | Turning Point of Tampa

In my active addiction I thought I knew everything. I had all the right answers, I knew what everyone was thinking, I knew how everyone was feeling and most importantly I knew best. I would never take anyone’s advice or heed any warning signs that my life was unmanageable. Any outsider looking in at my […]

Finding Purpose by Evelyn T.

Finding Purpose by Evelyn T. | Turning Point of Tampa

Looking back on my drinking days, there are several things that I was missing that kept me where I was. In my self-reliance I was missing God, true connectivity with others, the ability to follow through, self-love and respect, and ultimately my purpose for being. Without purpose, what was the point following through? Without purpose, […]

Attitude of Gratitude by Mark F.

Attitude of Gratitude by Mark F. | Turning Point of Tampa

I’ve worked at Turning Point of Tampa for 16 years as a behavioral health tech. I have spent probably ten or more holidays with our clients. It truly is amazing to be around people who not only are newly clean and sober, but grateful to be where they are. We normally have a big Thanksgiving […]

Where It All Started by Ashley N.

Where It All Started by Ashley N. | Recovery Bite | Turning Point of Tampa

I moved back to the area where I grew up at the beginning of the pandemic. I got clean in Tampa and my homegroup had been in Tampa for the last 15 years, so moving away from my support network was a bit scary. I had attended meetings in my hometown’s area many times in […]

Life’s Balancing Act by Landon L.

Life's Balancing Act | Recovery Bites | Turning Point of Tampa

Balance is defined as a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. If you would have told me 5 years ago, that some of my closet friends would say my life is well balanced, I would’ve laughed in your face. In my addiction my life thrived on extremes. It was […]

Searching for a Connection by Dave E

Searching for a Connection | Turning Point of Tampa

Because I Have 6 siblings, I sometimes hear “it should be easy to connect with others.” Well, that has not been my experience. Despite being surrounded by friends, neighbors, a big family etc., I often felt alone. It seemed to me that I just did not fit in with “normal” people. Fear had me in […]

We Do Recover by Rachel L

We Do Recover | Turning Point of Tampa

“If we are painstaking about this phase of our development, we will be amazed before we are halfway through.” ~ Alcoholics Anonymous p. 83-84 Thinking back on my time in treatment, it was the first time that I truly felt that I belonged. I had always felt alone – like I was experiencing life in […]

Having Fun in Recovery by Landon L

Having Fun in Recovery | Turning Point of Tampa

My definition of fun, now that I am in recovery, is completely different than when I was using. When I was using I was staying up late, going to bars and clubs, and not remembering the night before. That was my idea of fun. Truthfully, it was not. Eventually my using became less social, less […]

Keep Coming Back by Mark F

Keep Coming Back by Mark F. | Turning Point of Tampa

When I first came into treatment back in 2004, my therapist had me read ACCEPTANCE is the Answer in the Big Book. After reading it I really did not understand how that pertained to me, but as part of my assignment he had me read it over and over again. I finally came to realize […]

When Life on Life’s Terms just became Life by Evelyn T.

Self-Acceptance Concept, Demonstrated by Spiritual Coach

Looking back to my years in early recovery, I remember that everything was a big deal, whether the situation was positive or negative. Something as simple as making a dentist appointment was a huge feat, and something that I felt like shouting from the mountain tops, thinking that I would get high praise for doing […]

Changed by the 12 Steps By Sarah C.

Sarah C | Recovery Bites | Turning Point of Tampa

I had no idea what to expect when I started my journey into recovery. Before coming to treatment, I’d never attended a 12-step meeting, had never seen the 12 steps and had no idea what a sponsor was. My first meeting was like being in a whole new world. It was overwhelming, the concepts and […]

I Get To by Blythe L.

I Get To by Blythe L. | Recovery Bite | Turning Point of Tampa

I grew up close to my grandmother, she had always been my best friend. I knew growing up that she would go to these meetings and that is how she met my grandfather. I never knew what these meetings were, but I went with her sometimes and I thought it was just old people sitting […]

My Recovery, My Responsibility by Sarah C.

My Recovery, My Responsibility | Recovery Bites | Turning Point of Tampa

I survived my addiction to opiates and today I am grateful to know that total abstinence from all mind/mood altering substances is possible by working a 12-step program of recovery. I hear a lot of medical professionals tell addicts that the solution for staying off opioids is an opioid agonist like methadone or suboxone. That’s […]

My Self-Loathing By John B.

My Self-Loathing | Turning Point of Tampa

October 16, 1984 – I was released from the Psych Ward at Harbor General hospital in Torrance Ca., at the tender age of 34. Thankfully, the experience turned out to be the very end of my drinking career. The reason I was there was because I had experienced a psychotic break due to drinking alcohol […]

8 Perfectly Imperfect Years by Evelyn T.

8 Perfectly Imperfect Years by Evelyn T.

Walking into this anniversary, I had to take a hard look at my program. Was I doing enough? Was I allowing the many blessings of recovery, like having a baby, graduate school, and a good career to harbor excuses for not staying in the middle of the boat? The answer to the first question was […]

Sweet Sixteen by Ashley N.

Sweet Sixteen by Ashley N. | Turning Point of Tampa

Recently, someone who has 18 years in recovery asked me to be their sponsor. I remember saying to a close friend, “It seems weird that someone with that much time clean would ask ME to sponsor them” to which he replied, “well, you have almost been clean 16 years yourself”. Wow! Admittedly, I had felt […]

Page 62. By Hans L.

Page 62 | TPOT

One of my favorite lines from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous is on page 62 – “Selfishness – self-centeredness! That, we think is the root of our troubles.” One thing I notice about this passage is that it does not specify that this applies to me only in my active addiction. It does not […]

New Year, Same Sober Me by Josh C.

New Year, Same Sober Me |  by Josh C | Turning Point of Tampa

Read more books. Watch fewer Tik Toks. Eat healthier. With every new calendar comes the same old resolutions. Get back to the gym. Start journaling. Year in and year out we set our sights on a new and improved version of ourselves. And why not? Why shouldn’t we try to “better” ourselves? Well, as you can […]

Gratitude by Sean L

Gratitude | Happy Guy | Turning Point of Tampa

Gratitude: The number one quality I must keep in check these days. It’s really very simple. When feeling low or down on yourself, do a quick check in. Ask yourself, “What people, places, or things have brought joy into my life recently?” Meditate on what that thought was, even if just briefly. It can bring […]

Grateful for a Sober Holiday Season By Landon L.

Sober Holiday Season | TPOT

Staying sober during the holidays is hard. I was never sober during the holidays until I was in recovery. I spent a Thanksgiving in jail. I will never forget that experience. I remember sitting in the pod, thinking how much I took my family for granted. The food was terrible, and I was in terrible […]

Family Recovery Interview w/ Tiffany B.

Family Recovery Interview w/ Tiffany B. | TPOT

What crisis brought you to recovery? My son has been living life in the fast lane since high school.  Progressively things got worse as time went by with alcohol, drugs, and gambling.  On Labor Day he had a panic attack that ended him up in the ER and from there he was taken to a […]

Family Interview with Kathy R

Family Interview with Kathy R | Turning Point of Tampa

What crisis brought you to recovery? We knew our daughter was struggling while away at college, but we weren’t sure what was happening. In May of 2019, she booked herself into a detox program and told us she was addicted to Xanax and needed help. I was so afraid, but I knew in my heart […]