Ryan Estevez


My name is Ryan Estevez, MD and I’ve been working in the field of addiction since 2006. I have been the Director of Psychiatric Services at Turning Point of Tampa since 2013.

A differentiator that I believe separates Turning Point from other facilities is — every patient is evaluated by a psychiatrist.

I am one of two psychiatrists on staff here at Turning Point and part of my job is to determine if there is some correlation between the addiction or eating disorder that the individual has and other mental health issues that might be present. This step allows our team to highly tailor a treatment plan to meet the needs of each person. Our patients need to feel seen and heard. We make sure that happens.

Our patients are not just a number. They are going to be looked after and taken care of individually. If a person needs treatment and they choose Turning Point, they are going to get the best possible treatment.

Ryan Estevez | Turning Point of Tampa

Director of Psychiatric Services

What I like most about working with patients at Turning Point is when I have somebody come up to me after a year or even longer and tell me that they’ve been sober since they left Turning Point. I mean, that is the absolute best part of my job.