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Trish Mandakunis


My name is Trish Mandakunis, I am an intensive outpatient therapist here at Turning Point of Tampa. I’ve worked in the addiction field since 1997, and I’ve been a part of the Turning Point team beginning in 2012.

As an Intensive Outpatient Therapist, we have really two different types of clients. The first are clients that typically step down from residential treatment at Turning Point. The second are clients that come to us not having any treatment experience.

For a client coming from residential treatment, our role is to help them implement the tools that they have learned in residential and practice and apply them to life sober out of the closed environment. We are supporting them in the process of early recovery and living sober.

For a person that is coming to Turning Point that is new to treatment, our job is to educate them about the disease and recovery concepts and introduce them to the benefits of participating in a fellowship such as 12-step programs.

Trish Mandakunis | Turning Point of Tampa

Intensive Outpatient Therapist

Turning Point of Tampa offers great treatment, support, and the power of hope to our clients. We have a tremendous treatment team including therapists, house managers, physicians, and nurses.

We can see in the Community that people get better here. I love my job. I love helping people and I believe in Turning Point of Tampa.