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Jon Jasper


My name is Jon Jasper. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Eating Disorder Therapist at Turning Point of Tampa. I have worked with those in treatment since 2012 and been a part of the Turning Point team since 2016.

Clients seeking treatment for eating disorders or who are dual diagnosed with a substance use disorder are the ones I am lucky to work with individually.

Turning Point also has a trauma track where I facilitate trauma groups. Eating disorder and psychodrama groups are also part of our milieu and I enjoy the facilitation of those groups as well. In our eating disorder program, we teach clients how to prepare meals, how to be present with their meals, and how to enjoy food. In addition, our eating disorder program helps educate clients on how to manage grocery shopping, meal planning, eating with others, and living with their food while maintaining recovery from disordered eating.

Jon Jasper | Turning Point of Tampa

Eating Disorder Therapist

I love working at Turning Point of Tampa, mainly because I believe we truly understand addiction and we address all phases of the disease of addiction. I also see how we prepare our clients for real life, whether in recovery from drugs and alcohol or in recovery from an eating disorder, and sometimes both.

The whole staff and I truly take the time to get to know our clients. We want to understand what you need in all areas of your life so you can experience total recovery, total sobriety and an overall freedom and happiness in your life.

If you want a treatment center that truly and personally connects with each person, one that offers individualized treatment, I believe Turning Point of Tampa is the best choice.