Joan Browne

Hello, I am Joan Browne the Director of Professional Relations for Turning Point of Tampa.

I love working with others. Working within the professional community in Tampa allows me to be in the forefront of fighting addiction. My team of professionals and I meet with doctors, lawyers, therapists, probation officers, veterans, and the like to carry the message that there is hope for those struggling with addiction, dual diagnosis, and eating disorders.

I have a unique history with Turning Point of Tampa. I started working as a behavioral health tech in 1993 and have grown to the position I have today. It has been an adventure. Our single campus that we refer to as The Village offers a unique setting, one where our clients live and practice daily living skills as part of their treatment. This approach is a differentiator from other programs, offering a recovery experience within our campus.

Joan Browne | Turning Point of Tampa

Director of Professional Relations

The Point is Recovery Podcast is found on our website, Apple, Google, and most streaming environments and as the producer I can say this is one of the highlights and accomplishments I am proud to be a part of.

I am often asked what makes Turning Point of Tampa different from other facilities and I can honestly say – we really help the clients here, and the proof is in the alumni involvement and reputation with in the professional and recovery communities. We do what we say we do!

Fun in recovery is important. We provide some great recovery events throughout the year for our clients, employees, and the recovery community in Tampa Bay. Helping people know that there is help for addiction and that people can stay sober and have fun is my passion.

When you’re choosing a treatment center here are some tips that I would like to share:

Find a program that’s in-network with your insurance. This means your insurance provider is already in-network with our facility at a set contract rate. Find a program that is all on one property, offering services in a true residential model like Turning Point of Tampa. Many Florida programs will offer living space, but then you are bussed to a facility for daily treatment. Find a program that offers evidence-based treatment. Meaning they have actual outcomes.

Find a program that will take care of both the person seeking help and their family.

If you or a friend, husband, wife, partner, mother, father is seeking treatment, I hope you choose to call Turning Point of Tampa. We believe in recovery. We believe in mental health, and we believe in helping people stay sober. Let’s see how we can help you on your journey of recovery.