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National Yoga Month 2020

national yoga month

From increased strength, flexibility, and balance to a reduction in stress and anxiety, the physical and mental health benefits of yoga are well documented.

In 2008, hoping to inspire the public to embrace a healthier lifestyle through the practice of yoga, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designated September as National Yoga Month. That first year featured a 10-city Yoga Health Festival Tour featuring yoga classes, concerts, educational presentations, entertainment, and exhibits.

Since then, the campaign to inform people about the life-enhancing benefits of yoga and to inspire participation has spread across the globe.

Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation

National Yoga Month is supported by Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the education of communities and health professionals about lifestyle medicine and how this practice inspires healthy and conscious living.

For National Yoga Month 2020, Lifestyle Medicine University Foundation has issued a 30-day Yoga and Mindfulness Challenge, featuring live online classes from September 1-30. View the daily live stream at 1:00 pm EST on the Lifestyle Facebook page or replays on YouTube.

Join Yoga Month 2020 to participate in the challenge and to receive a free copy of Organ-Mind-Brain Yoga, by Johannes R. Fisslinger, co-founder of Yoga Month, which features over 100 yoga poses and their effect on specific organs.

How to Celebrate Yoga Month

Yoga Month organizers suggest several ways in which individuals, schoolteachers, and yoga teachers can join in the national yoga celebration.

Health-Conscious Individuals

Whether you are new to yoga or simply want to deepen your practice:

  • Check with local yoga studios and teachers to see how they’re celebrating the month. Many offer free classes & events.
  • This month, or anytime, check YouTube and other online resources for a variety of free classes
  • Join the 30-Day Online Challenge LIVE on the Lifestyle Medicine Facebook page or YouTube channel

School Teachers

Add a Yoga Recess Day in your physical or virtual classroom with fun movement, stretching, conscious breathing, and mindfulness exercises.

  • Ask a local yoga teacher to teach or demonstrate yoga and mindfulness exercises
  • Add simple yoga and breathing exercises daily into your classroom breaks
  • Websites like Yoga Ed. offers free access to all K-12 teachers, school administrators, staff, and parents worldwide

Yoga Teachers & Studios

  • Offer free classes, concerts, events, and celebrations during Yoga Month
  • Teach a Yoga Recess in Schools class in your local kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school
  • Use free resources provided by Lifestyle Medicine University, including logos, text, flyers, and other templates to publicize your classes and events and to promote your studio or services.

No matter your age or fitness level, it is never too late to increase your physical and mental health through the use of yoga and mindfulness. Many have found relief of stress, anxiety, and depression, reduced chronic pain, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, improved strength, flexibility and balance, and found better sleep through regular practice.

National Yoga Month 2020 is the perfect chance to see what yoga and mindfulness can do for your health!

Here at Turning Point of Tampa, we also provide wellness resources for our clients. You can learn from our yoga and mindfulness instructors at home with a series of educational videos.

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