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Wellness Resources

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Turning Point of Tampa has helped thousands find recovery. As an in-network facility, we are able and committed to helping you find the life you deserve.

Wellness Resources

Treatment for addiction and eating disorders doesn’t just involve therapy and peer support. A focus on health, wellness, and wellbeing are central to a successful recovery, and Turning Point of Tampa incorporates a variety of techniques into our treatment programs. These include mind-body practices like meditation, mindfulness and yoga. On this page, our team will share some resources from our treatment program so you can incorporate wellness into your own life.

5 Minute Meditation with Alex Kawliche

Turning Point of Tampa therapist Alex Kawliche shares a 5-minute meditation that helps you stay centered, calm, and focused, even during times of stress. This is a similar meditation to what Turning Point of Tampa clients experience during weekly sessions.

6 Minute Yoga Stretch with Evelyn Taylor

Yoga instructor Evelyn Taylor walks you through a simple 6-minute yoga stretch to help stay flexible, awaken your senses, and prepare yourself for the day ahead. Yoga is an integral part of our treatment program at Turning Point of Tampa.

Honoring the Light Within - 50 Minute Yoga Class

Vinyasa yoga instructor Evelyn Taylor guides us through a 50-minute class designed to help teach the fundamentals of the practice. Join Evelyn for a meditative and calming experience that will improve your flexibility and mood.

Levels of Care

At Turning Point of Tampa we offer a comprehensive continuum of care, including primary and extended care programs, intensive outpatient and weekly aftercare groups.