We made the news in Germany!

We made the news in Germany! | Turning Point of Tampa

Recently, we were contacted by a German couple familiar with our addiction treatment programs. They let us know they heard “Turning Point of Tampa” on a German news program. “Taggeschau,” translated in English means “Daily News” and apparently this news program is the Number 1. news program in Germany and is also streamlined worldwide online! […]

Social Media and Eating Disorders

Looking at Social Media | Turning Point of Tampa

Social media can be a great outlet for interacting with friends or family around the world. As easy as one click on a phone or laptop, an individual has access to millions of pictures, videos, and whatever other content someone seeks. What social media users do not realize is the negative impact that social media […]

Addiction Treatment Tampa CEO Robin Piper on ABC’s “Morning Blend”

Residential Treatment in Tampa Area | Turning Point Tampa

During an interview on ABC’s “Morning Blend,” Robin Piper, CEO and clinical director at Turning Point of Tampa, FL talks about the need for addiction education in our communities. The opioid crisis is continuing to get worse and addictive substances are often easier to access. She comments on the magnitude of drug use, “last year […]

A Frank Conversation about Addiction Recovery on 10 Tampa Bay

A Frank Conversation about Addiction Recovery on 10 Tampa Bay

Check out the recent segment on 10 Tampa Bay. Morning Anchor Frank Wiley spoke with Ashley Neal, PR & Media Strategist about Addiction Recovery and the impacts of the Covid19 pandemic. You can listen to the full podcast episode of A Frank Conversation.

Art at the Point

Art at the Point Final | Turning Point of Tampa

Since 1993, Turning Point of Tampa has encouraged our clients to use their artistic talents to share their feelings about addiction, recovery, and the journey in between. What is now a campus Art Gallery started with a piece of art made from felt that says “One Day At A Time.” That little felt picture has […]

Robin Piper Bloom | Turning Point of Tampa

Robin Piper Bloom | Turning Point of Tampa

Post-holiday depression affects 25% of the US and the covid-19 pandemic only created more stress. In this video, Robin Piper, CEO & Clinical Director of Turning Point of Tampa discusses how to avoid the post-holiday blues with helpful tips like talking to friends and family members about how you feel and making sure to participate […]

Medical Director Discusses Addiction and Treatment

Medical Director Discusses Addiction and Treatment | Turning Point of Tampa

Turning Point of Tampa’s Medical Director, Hardeep Singh MD, was on Channel 8’s health and wellness program, BLOOM, to discuss and educate about substance use disorder. Dr. Singh was also a guest on episode 5 of The Point is Recovery Podcast talking about the importance of mental health in the medical community during COVID-19. Hardeep […]