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Turning Point of Tampa has helped thousands find recovery. As an in-network facility, we are able and committed to helping you find the life you deserve.

Why Healing the Spirit is Important to Recovery

woman healing her spirit through meditation

When we are spiritually healthy, we are also living in harmony with our value system. If our behavior is in line with our personal ethics and morals, we are more likely to experience inner peace. Anyone can be spiritually healthy, whether or not they believe in a particular religion or spiritual tradition.

In order to be spiritually healthy, we must be mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. If we are angry, depressed, or feel victimized, if our body is ravaged by addictive substances or inadequate nutrition, we are not well spiritually.

It is common for those in active addiction to experience negative emotions which often perpetuate the addictive behavior and make recovery challenging. Even those in recovery frequently struggle with negative thoughts, increasing their risk of relapse.

The greatest likelihood for long-term recovery springs from a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Achieving Spiritual Wellness

For some, practice of a particular religious tradition helps increase spiritual health. But spirituality does not require adherence to organized religion. Instead, it means discovering how to live your life in ways that foster an inner harmony between your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

When our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are in alignment, we are at our strongest. Spiritual wellness supports our abilities to overcome adversity and to heal, and we are better equipped to deal with emotional struggles, physical pain, or addictive cravings. Our spiritual alignment reinforces our commitment to recovery, too. As a result, spiritual strength is one of the strongest tools in our relapse prevention arsenal.

Steps to Spiritual Wellness

Start by quietly connecting with your inner thoughts. Think about what makes you feel peaceful, joyful, and in harmony with the world. In vivid detail, imagine the person you want to be. Commit to taking the steps necessary to becoming that person. Incorporate this promise into your recovery plan.

Other practices that foster spiritual wellness include:

  • Practicing yoga, meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness, prayer
  • Reading and watching inspirational, positive stories
  • Spending time outdoors, communing with nature
  • Creative self-expression, like art, dance, music, writing
  • Practicing gratitude, acceptance, forgiveness, and humor
  • Regularly participating in 12-step or other support groups
  • Reading spiritual literature, attending spiritual groups ( offers non-religious)
  • If inclined, finding a religious faith you connect with

Addiction can erode our character, causing behavior that is self-centered, dishonest, and destructive. But recovery can help you overcome the past and find the person you are meant to be. It is never too late to rebuild your character, find a sense of peace, and connect with the inner strength needed to remain committed to recovery.

Spiritual wellness means identifying and staying true to your core beliefs, for a life that is meaningful, joyful and filled with positive energy. A healthy, balanced mind, body and spirit help you stay hopeful and on track even in the face of challenges.

At Turning Point of Tampa, our healing approach addresses the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the entire person. We have been offering Licensed Residential Treatment for Addiction, Eating Disorders and Dual Diagnosis in Tampa since 1987.

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