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Veterans Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Addiction Treatment For Alcohol Rehab And Substance Use | Turning Point Of Tampa

Turning Point of Tampa Offers Addiction Treatment for Substance Use Disorders and Alcohol Abuse

Turning Point of Tampa offers services for addiction treatment for veterans who are overcoming substance abuse or addiction. It can be difficult for veterans to find treatment facility options. Veterans can suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders, such as mental health disorders, and finding an alcohol rehab treatment facility that understand both veteran affairs and civilian life are critical when choosing the best rehab center.

Male and female veterans seek emotional support from fellow veterans and family members. It is hard to understand the internal struggle and to ask for help for substance use or pain issues. It is even harder to address a traumatic event that might fuel an alcohol problem.

Addiction Treatment for Veterans

Turning Point of Tampa offers rehab for veterans. Our residential veterans program helps address substance use including prescription drugs such as opioid painkillers as well as screening for mental illness and assisting with providing co-occurring treatment.

The Turning Point of Tampa residential program team understands a veterans suffering. Our staff and facility is a safe environment for non combat veterans and combat veterans to begin the recovery process.

Veterans Abroad

Most service members abroad that are currently active in the armed forces seek help within a treatment program offered by the department of veterans affairs.

Veterans Addiction Assistance

Treatment for Veterans & Active Duty Service Members

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Preferred Provider of The Community Care Network

Turning Point of Tampa is Contracted to Accept Veteran Benefits

Rehab for veterans who have been discharged or are retired service members can utilize their veteran benefits at Turning Point of Tampa. Finding recovery and a quality treatment team eliminates the struggle that veterans face trying to find drug and alcohol treatment options. We can help support veterans in their recovery process.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Rehab Centers

Family Therapy And For Military Personnel | Turning Point Of Tampa

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that can be experienced after one has been in a traumatic event. Many veterans struggle with this disorder and they often find it difficult to live day to day.

The VA reports that of the 2.7 million veterans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan, about 1.5% have had PTSD and an additional 5% of those have experienced traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Veterans are more likely to have PTSD than the general population. This is because they may have had more intense exposures to violence or combat compared to civilians. These exposures can lead to PTSD if they are not properly treated. Some examples include military sexual trauma, combat trauma, abuse from military personnel, and other violent situations that lead to mental health issues and substance abuse.

Veterans and Drug Abuse

Substance use disorders and veterans are a serious concern for many countries in the world. Substance use disorders are an umbrella term and diagnosis for any type of drug abuse, addiction, or dependency.

It can be difficult to identify when someone has a substance use disorder. The only way to diagnose this type of disorder is through observing the person’s behavior and symptoms.

Veterans can have a higher risk of developing a substance use disorder because they have been exposed to trauma that results in PTSD or other mental health issues that then lead them to using drugs as a coping mechanism.

The Department of Veterans Affairs states that about 20% of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan used illicit drugs within the past year and may suffer from drug and alcohol addiction.

Chronic Pain and Physical Trauma Affected Veterans

Aside from the extreme physical stress most service members endure, chronic pain is often the most common issue. The most effective and safe treatments to manage acute pain include prescription medicines in combination with physical therapy like yoga or chiropractor treatment.

Opioid Medications Can Be Addictive

Patients who have been diagnosed by a medical provider with chronic severe pain or injuries often receive opioid medications. Opioid medications can become extremely addictive.

Patients with prescription drugs that are prescribed regularly are susceptible to addiction. In 2017, more than 47,000 people died from opioid prescription overdoses.

Prescription Drug Abuse in the Military

Prescription drugs are commonly used for ailments among veterans and military personnel. Military service members may take prescription drugs when experiencing discomfort emotionally or physically.

Reducing Stigma of Substance Abuse for Veterans

Veterans seeking medical treatment may not go because of the social stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction. Some veterans fear that others may see them as weak if they deal with addiction.

Learning to reach out for help is the first step. The next phase is learning to live in recovery without the use of drugs.

Substance Use Disorder for Military Personnel

Rehab Center And Treatment Facility For Those Who Abuse Alcohol | Turning Point Of Tampa

Turning Point of Tampa offers behavioral, medical and vocational trauma therapy to eligible alcohol and drug dependent Veterans or active duty service members.

The veterans program offers various forms of treatment, rehabilitation, and therapeutic services for dual diagnosis issues. The treatment programs at Turning Point of Tampa offer residential and outpatient programs to treat veterans suffering from drug and alcohol use.

Veterans and Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The treatment team at Turning Point of Tampa addresses drug and alcohol addiction through education and support services. Integration of the 12-step philosophy coupled with group therapy makes a winning combination for lasting recovery. Substance abuse treatment includes developing a support group during and after primary care Drug and alcohol abstinence are required while in treatment with the goal of maintaining complete sobriety upon completion of care.

Medical Detox for Veterans

Medical detox for substance abuse is evaluated during the assessment process. Many veterans will need to detox in a medical facility while others can detox in a residential setting. Our internal protocols guide this process to meet the needs of each person seeking help.

Addiction Treatment Services at Turning Point of Tampa

Rehab Center For Drug And Alcohol Addiction | Turning Point Of Tampa

The comprehensive drug and alcohol programs at Turning Point of Tampa combine intense therapy and compassionate care with the 12-Step model for addiction treatment. We address drug and alcohol addiction including prescription drug use. We help veterans develop healthy coping strategies and address underlying issues as well as substance addiction.

Successful Addiction Treatment for 35 Years

Over the last three decades our rehab center has helped thousands of clients change the course of their lives by developing the coping skills needed to maintain abstinence from mood-and mind-altering substances.

Veterans Mental Health

Turning Point Of Tampa Treatment Centers Offering Alcohol Rehab For Civilian Life And Military Personnel | Turning Point Of Tampa

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 20% of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will experience PTSD in their lifetime. The VA also estimates that more than half of veterans with PTSD do not seek treatment.

The VA has a variety of resources for veterans, including the Veterans Crisis Line, which is a 24-hour hotline for veterans to call if they are experiencing a mental health emergency or just need someone to talk to. The VA also offers individual counseling, group therapy sessions, and other mental health services.

Addiction treatment services at Turning Point of Tampa works with each veteran and develops a treatment plan to address all current problems they are facing such as:

Drug and Alcohol Use

Often, drug and alcohol use accompanies mental health conditions and veterans diagnosed with an addiction will have co-occurring mental health problems. In 2016, it was reported that about 20% of veterans who receive treatment at VHA facilities have a substance abuse disorder.

This is higher than the general population rate for substance abuse disorders which is about 8%. In addition to this statistic, there were about 3 million veteran patients who received care from VHA in 2016.

Support System

The United States has a long history of supporting veterans. The Veterans Administration (VA) is the federal agency responsible for providing veterans with healthcare, education, and other benefits.

The VA provides a number of programs to help veterans transition back into civilian life and to help them find jobs. These programs include the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program, the Vocational Rehabilitation Program, and the Employment Services Program.


The unemployment rate for veterans is higher than the national average. Many of these veterans are not only unemployed, but also underemployed. This is a problem because the unemployment rate for veterans is more than twice that of the general population and it has been increasing in recent years.

In order to address this issue, we need to find out why it is happening and what can be done about it. There are many reasons why this may be happening. One possibility is that employers are not aware of the skillsets that veterans have, or they don’t think that they will fit into their company culture.

Health Issues

The VA estimates that about 1 in 5 of the 2.7 million veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan are experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder or depression.

There are many reasons for this, such as:

  • The lack of a sense of control over their environment, which is common among veterans who have been deployed multiple times
  • The feeling that they don’t belong in civilian life because they are not recognized as veterans by civilians.
  • The feeling that they are not contributing to society because they have PTSD and can’t work
  • The difficulty in transitioning from military life to civilian life, which is common among veterans who served before September 11th, 2001.
American Addiction Centers And Substance Use Disorder Drug Or Alcohol Addiction | Turning Point Of Tampa

Alcohol Rehab

The programs offer various forms of treatment including detoxification or “detox”, rehabilitation, and mental health services. Our goal is for our clients to leave treatment with the tools they need to stay sober and free from drug or alcohol abuse.

Local VA Medical Center Refers Our Rehab Center | Turning Point Of Tampa

PTSD Treatment Near Me

Veterans who experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be taken over by their negative feelings, or in other terms called persistent negative emotions – A veteran may also experience feelings of guilt, remorse, shame, disinterest in once enjoyed activities and find it difficult to be happy.

Turning Point of Tampa can address the negative impacts of PTSD in veteran clients. Our treatment program services provide a variety of therapies to help individuals learn to cope with their trauma.

Substance Use Disorder For Drugs And Alcohol | Turning Point Of Tampa

VA Health Care

Many veterans suffer from major depressive disorder. There are VA benefits that offer veterans service organizations to assist veterans during the healthcare process.

The Veterans Benefit Administration provides a representative to ensure that veterans receive the services necessary to cope with their past. These services include disability compensation, education, and training benefits.

Turning Point of Tampa Addiction Treatment Tampa Florida

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