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Spring Fever by Tina B. & Susan K.

Spring Fever by Tina B. & Susan K.

The excitement of spring affects us all.  There is something in the air that makes us feel more energized, alive and raring to go! Remember all those newfound loves that blossomed in the spring (and fizzled in the fall)? Remember those days of playing hooky (only to serve detention)? Remember shopping for new spring clothes (and going overboard with the family credit cards)? Remember spring breaks with dreams of all the fun (only to forget most of what we’d done)?  Lest we forget where we come from, we may get struck with spring fever!

As recovering people, spring can be a time to renew our commitment to recovery. By now we have learned that we don’t have to get caught up in the impulsivity of spring fever, only to regret our actions. AA and the Steps have taught us to channel that energy into positive experiences. In Steps 4 and 5, we took our personal inventory and shared it with God and another human being. But “Many AA’s go in for annual or semiannual house cleanings” (12 & 12, Page 89).  We continue to do our spring cleaning in Step 10.  Throughout springtime, at the end of the day, “having searched our hearts with neither fear nor favor, we can truly thank God for the blessings we have received” (12 & 12, Page 95).

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