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E7: A Journey from the Gridiron to Recovery w/ retired NFL player, Randy Grimes

E7: A Journey from the Gridiron to Recovery w/ retired NFL player, Randy Grimes

NOV 11, 2020 – This week’s guest is former NFL player, Randy Grimes. During a 10 year career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Randy began using powerful prescription opioids to manage the pain of chronic  injuries. When his time on the gridiron ended, his life spiraled out of control for the next 20+ years.

When Randy learned that addiction had claimed the life a close friend whom he had played alongside in the NFL, he decided to ask for help. Randy has made it his life’s mission to change the way we think about life and death issues such as substance use disorders, addiction, mental health, trauma and suicide.

Today Randy is a motivational speaker, Interventionist and the founding advocate for the Athletes in Recovery Program. Randy is also a regular commentator for national TV networks and media such as The NFL Network, CNN, Fox Sports and many others and recently joined the Board of Directors for Florida Recovery Schools of Tampa Bay.

Family is very important to Randy and we would be remiss if we did not mention that he works very closely with his wife, Lydia, to help families recover. Lydia is a Certified Family Addiction Coach and also a keynote presenter. Randy and Lydia met at Baylor University and have two children.

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