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Turning Point of Tampa has helped thousands find recovery. As an in-network facility, we are able and committed to helping you find the life you deserve.

Addiction Medicine Doctor Tampa, Florida

Top Docs Winner | 2022 | Turning Point of Tampa

At Turning Point of Tampa our addiction program treats the whole person and focuses on healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Tampa Magazines’ 2022 Top Doctors Honoree

The team at Turning Point of Tampa is proud to congratulate our Medical Director, Hardeep Singh, MD, for receiving the Top Doctors 2022 honor of from Tampa Magazine.

Local physicians vote for Top Doctors by nominating their peers through a survey in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco counties for Tampa Magazine.

Dr. Hardeep Singh MD

Dr. Hardeep Singh MD | Top Doc | Turning Point of TampaDr. Singh has been with Turning Point of Tampa since 2016 and has been named a Top Doctor four times for Addiction Medicine.

Since 1991, Dr. Singh has been board certified in Adult Psychiatry and he has a psychiatry practice in Tampa, FL. He is certified in Psychopharmacology and Addiction Medicine, is a Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and is a past President of the Tampa Psychiatric Society.

Dr. Singh is committed to fighting for patients, he is a leader within our organization, and the Tampa community. Choosing to work with new patients that have addiction and mental health issues and those with co-occurring disorders takes a patient and kind person who has boundaries and the desire to believe in those who cannot believe in themselves – Dr. Singh is that kind of doctor.

— CEO, Robin Piper.

What are Addiction Medicine Specialists?

Tampa Magazine Top Doctors 2022 | Turning Point of Tampa

Addiction medicine specialists graduate from medical school, complete their medical rotation and residency programs, and choose to dive deeper in their training to learn about addiction medicine and psychiatry.

The Best Addiction Specialists

Physicians who choose to be trained in addiction medicine and psychiatry make the best addiction specialists.

Psychiatric disorders include substance use disorders. Many are misdiagnosed with a psychiatric diagnosis when in fact the cause of their mental health condition is from alcohol or drug or alcohol use.

When a doctor has training in both addiction medicine and psychiatry the outcomes improved with patients. Addictions and co-occurring psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety and depression are successfully treated daily.

Addiction specialists meet with patients to assess the best course of treatment via diagnostic screening, substance abuse assessment and/or psychiatric evaluation.

Addiction Medicine Treatments May Include:

  • Detoxification (withdrawal from an addictive substance)
    When a person is physically dependent on a drug, alcohol, or both, they will experience withdrawal. The detoxification process can occur on different levels of care determined by an assessment from a physician or clinician.
  • Pharmacotherapy (prescription medications), such as buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone), disulfiram, and naltrexone to ease withdrawal symptoms.
    Medication can ease discomfort during withdrawal and must be monitored by a physician and a treatment team.
  • Inpatient Hospitalization
    ASAM level four intensive inpatient most often refers to a medical facility that can handle acute medical diagnosis and other conditions during detoxification. Chronic pain and pain medicine can be complicated especially if mixed with alcohol or illicit drugs. Internal medicine physicians and a psychiatrist, as well as 24-hour nursing staff, are present at this level of care
    ASAM level 3.7 is also medically managed detoxification, but based on acuity, can occur in a residential facility if the facility is certified to offer this level of care. 24-hour nursing staff are present at this level of care to ensure medicine distribution occurs safely.
  • Residential Treatment
    ASAM level 3.5, 3.3, and 3.1 cover services for substance use diagnosis and other conditions such as anxiety, depression, and non-acute health concerns. In residential treatment 24-hour staff are available, however, each program determines the level of medical and clinical staff available during the day.
  • Intensive Outpatient
    ASAM level 2.5 and 2.1 cover intensive outpatient treatment. This includes a term known as partial hospitalization. A patient comes during the day for treatment for several hours while sleeping at home or a sober environment.
  • Outpatient
    ASAM level 1 encompasses outpatient treatment and services. A patient will come in for scheduled appointments and clinically led groups.

What are Addiction Medicine Physicians?

Hardeep Singh, MD, FASAM
Medical Director Turning Point of Tampa

Addiction medicine physicians are doctors who possess specialized training in substance abuse diagnosis and treatment. They can treat patients in residential treatment facilities like Turning Point of Tampa as well as hospitals and other clinical settings.

Addiction medicine is a fairly new discipline that focuses on addressing mental health and addiction disorders. Those who seek treatment from varied mood and anxiety disorders find doctors who can offer addiction treatment and combine medical and psychotherapy services extremely helpful. These doctors can also diagnose their patients and prescribe medications.

Multi-Addiction Disorders and Mental Disorders

Multi-addiction disorders and mental disorders are very common. It is essential to take a holistic approach to addiction and address a person’s whole life and behaviors. Turning Point of Tampa and Dr. Singh believe that patients who address their drug use and search to improve their mental health conditions can have a life they are proud to live.

How can I find a Top-Rated Addiction Medicine Physician in Tampa, FL?

Tampa Magazine | Top Doc 2022 | Turning Point of Tampa

In Tampa, FL, Turning Point of Tampa and Dr. Singh are a great starting place. We are listed in the Tampa Magazine Top Doctors 2022 issue, as well as the national database at SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has a directory of treatment facilities and American Society of Addiction Medicine: (ASAM) whose physician members are certified in addiction medicine.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Addictions include substance abuse (such as the abuse of opioids, alcohol, cocaine, or prescription drugs) and certain non-drug related behaviors such as food addictions.

Addiction medicine may help patients recover and manage health conditions that have been affected by drug and/or alcohol use and other other process addictions.

Turning Point of Tampa Accepting New Patients in Florida

Hardeep Singh, MD, leads the medical team at Turning Point of Tampa. Addiction Medicine is his specialty, and he is supported by a well-versed team of clinicians and counselors that can help guide you in recovery and teach you to practice spiritual principles.

When choosing to face substance use and addictions, having a trained addiction medicine doctor and psychiatrist leading the team is a great way to begin your recovery journey.

Insurance Providers

Turning Point of Tampa is one of the few addiction treatment providers that accepts insurance for the treatment of a substance use diagnosis. We are an in-network provider and our focus is to accept insurance at our site for patients seeking recovery.

Our website provides a long list of insurance providers we are contracted with. Our business office verifies insurance to ensure financial responsibility, if any, prior to admission.

Turning Point of Tampa Addiction Treatment Tampa Florida

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