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You Have Downloads Available by John B.

“The fact that the human race has evolved to this point is conclusive proof of the existence of a Higher Power.” 

I have come to realize that my brain is like a computer, and it’s Operating System known as Alcoholic/Obsessive-Compulsive 1.0 has viruses, outdated programs and mal-ware in it.  In the same way that I have to regularly update my home PC, because it runs on a Microsoft OS, I must regularly update my personal OS with the latest patches and updates.

Sometimes I forget how important these are and neglect to save them before shutting down at night; or I get the message that updates are ready to download, but rebel and refuse to download them, because I am too busy sitting in a meeting obsessing about something, grinding on a resentment, or just sitting there judging someone!

If I did not update my home PC regularly, it would crash.  But, sometimes when I don’t, won’t or can’t PAY ATTENTION, I neglect this very important activity, and I do have a “crashis”.  Thank God for sponsors!

Luckily for me I have always been able to get to “the source” before the dreaded Blue Screen of death happens and take a drink or use a drug, etc!

That source of course, is my higher power and meetings.  Prayer, meditation and regular attendance at meetings keeps my OS operating without mishap!

Hey, if you don’t believe me……Try it!