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Trust the Process by Craig C.

When I first got clean, the consequences of my using forced me to move back in with my parents. Being that I was 43years old, and me and my father did not get along, this was something I did not want to do. Every time I tried to talk about it to other recovering addicts, I was pretty much told the same thing every time. Just trust the process, God has a plan. So I moved in and started working with my sponsor and working the Steps. Life started to get better. My relationship with my father even started to improve.

After a couple of years, things were starting to get so good that I felt ready to move out and be on my own again. Well, everyone in my sponsorship tree kept telling me I should stay put. They told me I didn’t realize how good I had it, living with my parents, and I was only paying half the rent that I would pay if I were on my own. I was, WHY WHY WHY? They were saying again, trust the process, God has a plan. I didn’t know what that plan was, but I stayed.

A few more years went by and things with my father kept getting better, not great, but better. Well, my mom ended up in the hospital and got very sick after having a gallbladder operation. She ended up getting an infection and passed away in the hospital. I realized what God’s plan was when me and Dad cut Mom’s life support. It was for me to have done enough work on me so I could be there to support my father when he needed me the most. I still live with him and our relationship just keeps getting better and better. He’s 80 now and it’s my turn to take care of him.


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