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The Fellowship, by Sandra D.

The Fellowship, by Sandra D.

I have been in recovery since 2002 and I have seen my share of ups and downs over the years. However, last year was what I would have thought would be more than I could handle. I had been dealing with my mother having dementia for several years and just when I got her moved to my sisters, I was laid off from work. For the first time in my life I was without a job. I was scared and obsessed with finding a job.

We then received the news that my husband had prostate cancer. We went to the doctor together and made a plan of attack. Now, fear invaded my brain all of the time.

We got a call on Labor Day that my eldest daughter was in the hospital. She had been coughing up blood. A few days of tests and we got a diagnosis of stage four cancer. That was all I could take! I had no idea how I could handle all of this at one time. The answer came right away, the fellowship, of course.

I called my sponsor immediately. She reminded me that it would be important to reach out to the fellowship for help and to pray to my higher power. I can’t tell you how many people reached back to me, in meetings, by phone and online. So much love, understanding, and generosity came our way, it was unbelievable.

Not only did I stay sober during this time, but my relationship with my daughter grew and we became very close again. We laughed about how her having cancer was the best thing for us because we were able to spend time together. My husband and daughter are now cancer free and we have moved my mom into a facility that is taking great care of her.

The fellowship is a very strong part of the program and if you’re not getting involved with the people in the program you are missing out on an unending source of strength.


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