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Thank You, by Clara W.

My life depends on not taking that first bite.  Why?  Because I am a food addict.  I lost my job, my husband, my friends, my self-worth, and my sanity to this disease.  I almost lost my life to it.  Today, everything in my life depends on not taking that first bite.

I also have other addictions (hey, I’m an addict; I can addict to anything that makes me feel good or takes away the not-feeling-good), but food has always been my drug of choice.  At first I hated being an addict, but now I am very grateful for my disease.  Why?  Because what my disease did give me was the opportunity to work a 12-Step program, and I have found that by following the 12-Steps of AA, not only do they help me avoid that first bite, but they also give me guidance and sanity in every other aspect of my life.  I found my Higher Power through working the Steps.  I found the self I want to be through working the Steps.  I have peace and joy today through working the Steps.  My life is a miracle today because of two men.

Thank you, Bill W. and Dr. Bob.


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