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Getting to Know the Staff at Turning Point: Beverly Womack, Assessment Therapist, Residential Treatment Program

I sat down with Beverly, between her usual morning appointments and the unscheduled pep talks with the new clients, to find out exactly what an Assessment Therapist does. It wasn’t easy to catch up with her; she is continually adjusting her schedule to accommodate her clients, many of whom need assistance and guidance in their (Read More…)

Getting to Know the Staff at Turning Point of Tampa: Gloria Bailey, Intensive Outpatient Program Therapist

Gloria started her career at Turning Point in 2016. She began as a Residential therapist, moving over to the Intensive Outpatient program in 2017. She obtained her degree in counselling at the University of Florida and has an impressive amount of initials after her job title: LCSW, MCAP and CRSS! Gloria was born in Hialeah, (Read More…)

Getting to Know the Staff at Turning Point: Danny Van Bomel, Intensive Outpatient Program Therapist

Danny Van Bomel is a tough New Yorker, having worked as a corrections officer at Rikers Island in The Bronx, New York for 2 to 3 years. Also on his list of past jobs, was driving a taxi (sometimes while in a blackout) for a company that dabbled in “waste management”; the same way Tony (Read More…)

Getting to Know the Staff at Turning Point Of Tampa: Hans Lutz, Program Director

Hans is an interesting individual because of his time working in the field of addiction and experience working his own 12-Step program. You can catch Hans riding a sweet Harley-Davidson MC into work every day. He considers it an honor and a privilege to help others with their addiction struggles; and has, indeed, carved out (Read More…)