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Sober Memorial Day

Sober Memorial Day Over The Memorial Day Weekend | Turning Point of Tampa

What is Memorial Day?

First observed May 30, 1868, to recognize and commemorate Civil War soldiers and their sacrifices – what we know as Memorial Day was once called Decoration Day. Memorial Day is a day of honor and to remember those who have died in service to the United States.

Memorial Day Weekend 2022

A federal holiday observed every year on the last Monday in May. Memorial Day 2022 is on Monday, May 30th.

Stay Sober this Holiday Weekend

Turning Point of Tampa believes sober holidays are important to the recovery community. Military families who have a sober loved one or a person who is active in 12-step programs understand the benefits of supporting no alcohol use over the long weekend.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate a Sober Memorial Day. Our addiction treatment center is proud to accept active military and veterans seeking to maintain sobriety in our joint commission and state licensed treatment programs. However, it is our active alumni and recovery community that have learned to live without drinking during sober holidays. To attend events like a firework show or an outdoor party sober helps us not to forget those who have died for their service to our country.

Being with friends and having clean and sober holidays is the best mental health treatment one can give themselves. Children, teens, friends and loved ones who visit each other find hope and learn that living without mood altering chemicals is awesome.

5 Tips for a Sober Memorial Day

These tips are suggestions to enjoy a sober memorial day and the entire memorial day weekend. Sober holidays are designed for great mental health to celebrate with sober friends and without alcohol use or drug use.

1 – Sober Friends

Sober Memorial Day | Turning Point of Tampa

With COVID and social distancing in place in some areas of the country, it is always wise to plan for safety. Hanging out with sober friends over the weekend will be a positive outlet to have fun and not drink.

Sometimes temptation of alcohol or substance use happens while attending a gathering. In recovery we know a temptation is another word for trigger. Most who are active in recovery keep their phone by their side in case a slippery situation requires contact for immediate help to talk with a friend staying sober. Working hard on sobriety means being prepared to do what it takes to not drink.

2 – Volunteer to Help Veterans

Military Families Celebrate Recovery | Turning Point of Tampa

Giving back is part of the magic within 12-step programs. The giving is getting out of one’s self to pay forward the gift of health and recovery. Volunteer at a local veterans hospital or find a veteran in recovery and ask about their experience in the military.

3 – Whole Family Visit

Memorial Day Sober | Turning Point of Tampa

Many times in recovery our families want us to spend more time with them. Some of us have veterans that have served in the military, be a part of planning time to learn about your loved ones, it is a way to get out of yourself and be an example of recovery while having a great talk with a family member.

For those who are parents, you can plan a risk free weekend by including your children and teens in your activities to lessen the temptation for alcohol or substance use to be involved. For many living the lifestyle of sobriety our biggest network and support system is our family.

In all scenarios, you can bring a friend – enjoy the holiday weekend and have fun.

4 – Weekend of Health

Sober Memorial Day Means No Drinking On The Holiday | Turning Point of Tampa

Have a gathering of friends and turn your Memorial Day weekend into a three day weekend focused on health and life. Every moment of rest and relaxation is good for health so why not take advantage of the memorial day weekend and being off from your job. Planning a fun fitness routine for the weekend for some is the pay off needed for working hard.

We understand that any holiday can be a tough time for those in recovery. Your Memorial Day weekend can be full of love, life, health and safety.

5 – Finding a 12-Step Fellowship Activity

Addiction Treatment And Mental Health Treatment | Turning Point of Tampa

In addiction treatment a recovering alcoholic or addict learns to understand the value of support via Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

Holidays can be a difficult time for those in recovery especially over a long weekend. Many times a sober memorial day will be full of day time activities and night night time of 12 step meetings. Recovery needs vary for each person. Newcomers or old timers usually fine hope and strength by attending a meeting.

Staying Sober on Memorial Day Weekend

Staying sober on Memorial Day weekend, through holidays, in the summer, and with family members and friends who do and don’t support sobriety is a new way of life free from active drug addiction and will reduce risk of injury or death.

Drinking alcohol in the name of summer fun is always risky. Alcohol related fatalities from car accidents over Memorial Day weekend have risen in recent years. Enjoy recovery and have a sober Memorial Day without getting high. Drinking alcohol impairs a person’s judgment when driving.

Adults and teens often use drugs or alcohol and watch what others do to have fun – even if it will pose a risk. Planning a sober Memorial Day without chemicals is a great example to stay sober and look forward to having hope for all sober holidays without alcohol use one day at a time.

Addiction Treatment at Turning Point of Tampa

As a joint commission certified facility in Tampa Florida, we have been helping addicts and alcoholics find recovery for over 35 years. We have the pleasure of working with both veterans and civilians seeking a life of recovery from the devastation of alcoholism and addiction.

We instill the promise of hope for recovery within each client. If you are a loved one need immediate help please contact us directly at 1-866-901-4061

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