Reality therapy is a form of CBT, teaching that while we cannot control how we feel, we can control how we think and behave. Based on the idea that our most important need is to be loved and to feel that we belong, and that all other basic needs can be satisfied only by building strong connections with others, reality therapy also focuses on the now, not the past.

Who can benefit from reality therapy?

Since reality therapy is focused on present-day challenges, anyone who is recovering from addiction, mental health challenges, or eating disorders may find this therapeutic approach to be helpful.

How do I know if reality therapy is right for me?

As a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, reality therapy is designed to help individuals who are struggling with behaviors, actions, and reactions that they would like to change. As a result, it’s a good fit for most individuals who are seeking recovery from addiction and other behavioral health challenges.

What should I expect from reality therapy?

Reality therapy sessions are overseen by a trained therapist and can take place in individual or group settings. A typical session will explore enhancing and strengthening social connections and a sense of belonging and community, whether that takes place among the treatment group or loved ones outside of treatment.