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How Mindfulness Can Help Treat Addiction

Recent studies, including one through the University of Washington, have looked at how mindfulness practices can be incorporated into treatment to help fight addiction.

Relapse in Recovery

Relapse is a natural part in fighting any disease. In a study done by the National Institute of Drug Abuse, they compare relapse in substance use disorders to treatment of hypertension and asthma. Treatment for these conditions is constantly evolving, and a relapse is a chance to readjust treatment for future recovery. The more effective the continued treatment, the less likely a chance of relapse. Mindfulness, it appears, can be a powerful tool to maintain long-term recovery.


Studies indicate that longer-term addiction treatment that incorporates mindful body awareness practices can be highly effective. These practices, which researchers call Mindful Awareness in Body-oriented Therapy (MABT), can help us better understand our behaviors and observe our actions and thoughts while staying present in the moment. A recent study at the University of Washington looked at 187 women in treatment facilities, and those who received this therapy tended to relapse less by using these new skills.

Expanding Toolkit for Treatment

With the current opioid crisis in Florida and across the country, it is important for the scope of treatment to continue to expand so that there is a potential treatment plan for anyone fighting substance use disorders.

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