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From a Prison Life to an Honest Life by Rob

So I’m trying to take suggestions from my sponsor, so he tells me to be kind and in a store pay for the person’s stuff behind me. So it comes to my mind in Walmart; I look behind me and I thought, hell no! He had a basket full of stuff. So I went to the Dollar Tree and did my kind act. Cost me 2 bucks. I took the suggestion.

My disease was talking to me one day.  It said look at that guy.  He goes to the bar every day.  Has no responsibilities. He has it made. The disease forgot to tell me 2 days prior I got a call from him in the hospital where he got beat up in the bar. Cunning, baffling, powerful.

I put my 4-year-old son up for adoption 25 years ago. I couldn’t take care of him. I carried the pain for years.  I thought I’d never see him again, this was in Michigan. Met up with him in jail 23 years later, had no idea he was my son till he started talking about his past to me. I made amends and prayed together.

My wife found a wallet and it had 7 hundred bucks in it. I put the money in my pocket and said thank you, god, I needed that.  My wife told me I had to find the person it belonged to and give it back. I told her I was not that honest yet and god gave it to me.  A week later I found the guy because it was too quiet at my house for a week and gave the money and wallet back.

I had an amends to make. I owed this guy about 3 grand. I saw him about a year ago and said I’ll pay you back soon.  He said it doesn’t bother me anymore but if it bothers you, you can pay me back.  I said you know, it really doesn’t bother me.  Now with this honest thing I’m practicing, I’ve started paying it off.

They told me I was a career criminal and that I would never stay in society. I was in prison for 19 years and believed them.  Well, I went to AA and did some work on myself. I have been sober for 4 years and haven’t got in trouble one time.  It’s a miracle.  AA has saved my life, God’s mercy and grace.


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