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FoRSE Treatment Outcomes Program

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Turning Point of Tampa has helped thousands find recovery. As an in-network facility, we are able and committed to helping you find the life you deserve.

FoRSE Treatment Outcomes Program

Turning Point of Tampa is among other treatment providers that are members of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and has been accepted as a participant in FoRSE. The FoRSE database is unlike any other in the field, containing data from a diverse set of providers across the country, representing tens of thousands of individuals receiving behavioral healthcare at all levels and types of addiction treatment.

The potential value of the access to this data is inestimable. This program represents the shared vision of treatment professionals such as Turning Point of Tampa that are invested as a technology partner to help patients by sharing de-identified data.

What is the FoRSE Treatment Outcomes Program?

Foundation for Recovery Science | Turning Point of Tampa

The vision of FoRSE includes using education, data, and collaborative research to improve patient outcomes, and to advance health equity. FoRSE is committed to supporting systemic change toward social and racial equity that affects the access to recovery support services and treatment centers.

The goal is to improve treatment effectiveness and to ensure patients receive the highest quality therapy and treatments available.

The FoRSE Database

The FoRSE database is based on surveys. These surveys will be put into the medical record or other technology at each facility. Determining the best way to connect will be decided between the FoRSE team and treatment facilities that participate.

FoRSE Leadership

The FoRSE Board can have up to eleven members. A two-year commitment is asked from each board member and they may be eligible for additional service terms.

FoRSE is led by Executive Director Dr. Annie Petersg.

FoRSE relies on data sharing from technology systems from diverse populations. A clinical data repository allows the ability to provide site-specific benchmarking reports on aggregated and de-identified data.

Data Repository and Application Programming Interface (API)

FoRSE offers a centralized Data Repository and Application Programming Interface (API), allowing data sharing from different technology systems, with the ability to provide confidential site-specific benchmarking reports on the aggregated data. 

FoRSE has developed a database that allows treatment facilities to submit de-identified patient data on a set of prescribed demographic and outcomes measures. Implementing and becoming a technology partner with FoRSE will not replace any current system used for data collection at the behavioral healthcare or addiction treatment providers facility.

How does FoRSE Measure Treatment Outcomes?


A team of addiction treatment professionals and advisors have researched and identified a variety of standardized tools and data points that are brief and used commonly by treatment providers. These measures, which are sensitive to change, cover an array outcomes, that can be used at multiple time points.

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) CEO Marvin Ventrell stated in a news release, “As the treatment for the disease of substance use disorder establishes its footprint within the larger health care system, it is imperative for its viability, establishment of law and policy, insurance reimbursement, and consumer confidence that providers be able to demonstrate quality of care in the manner the system requires” (NAATP, 2021)

Aggregated Data and Reports

Providing reports to treatment programs from confidential data comprised of outcomes from patients will allow other programs to learn what is working from actual recovery science. This data will demonstrate compliance with licensure and accreditation, inform quality improvement and be helpful for reimbursement standards.

Treatment Outcomes Program

As the collaborative work progresses, FoRSE will help to be able to demonstrate the effectiveness and value of treatment while determining the best outcomes across levels of care.

Systems of care and patient demographics are important parts of the foundation for recovery science and education.

As research and data is collected FoRSE will begin to understand better how certain social determinants will impact the overall health of patients. This will help to structure interventions and build better treatment outcomes.

How FoRSE Makes a Difference for Treatment Programs


The NAATP Foundation and FoRSE have created a seal that designates providers as FoRSE Data Sites. This seal is to proudly display and promote the role in this important work. Turning Point of Tampa has received this seal, and we are actively sharing data with FoRSE to improve patient outcomes.

Can Any Addiction Treatment Providers join the FoRSE Treatment Program?

By developing a strong and collaborative relationship with FoRSE, addiction treatment providers can participate in the Treatment Outcomes Program. Treatment programs can apply online to be integrated into the new program.

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Outcomes

There is little evidence on treatment outcomes to evaluate this, FoRSE has determined the need for basic information about the Patient, the Service provided, and the Outcome of treatment.

FoRSE Treatment Outcomes Program | NAATP

Most studies have been based on evidence-based practices such as:

  • Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Twelve-Step Facilitation

By addressing specific outcomes, moral imperative decisions can be made based on evidence found.

Treatment Programs at Turning Point of Tampa

Since 1987, Turning Point of Tampa has been family-owned and focused on treatment effectiveness by offering the highest quality behavioral healthcare services and client care on one campus. We are in good standing with the State of Florida and the Joint Commission.

When someone can successfully address issues in their life, we have seen dramatic transformations. The right recovery services offered to someone needing help is life changing.

Officially Launch the Addiction Treatment Outcomes Program With Different Services | Turning Point of Tampa

The Addiction Crisis and Insurance Reimbursement

Our recovery services include residential and intensive outpatient levels of care. Primary Drug and Alcohol Addiction, Eating Disorders and Dual Diagnosis are the diagnosis our clients seek help for.

As in-network provider for most insurance companies and being a Cigna Center of Excellence and an Aetna Institute of Quality – we pride ourselves by being accessible to those who utilize their medical insurance for care.

Science and Education Forse in the Addiction Treatment Field | Turning Point of Tampa

Consumer Confidence and Diverse Populations

Turning Point of Tampa is accredited by the Joint Commission and licensed the Department of Children and Families. Our vision is to create a “life-like” environment, focusing on living without the use of mind-altering chemicals and doing so through responsibility to oneself and community.

Working with men and women for over 35 years, we have carried the message of recovery to over 15,000 clients.

National Association and Foundations For Recovery Science | Turning Point of Tampa

Choosing Turning Point of Tampa for Help

If you or someone you know is seeking help for an addiction problem, we have resources for you and other programs that can help successfully address your problem, helping you move into recovery.