Eating Disorder Tips & Tools During COVID-19, by Jon Jasper, LMHC

In times of fear, I often find myself limiting my food choices or going back to restrictive amounts of eating, often without even realizing it. I benefit from the love and care of people around me to ‘check’ me when I go back to these old behaviors.

This can be even more difficult at the grocery store right now, where my choices are limited by the lack of availability of old standbys. I could easily go through the process of grocery shopping with “blinders” on. Instead of taking this process into my own hands, I ask my higher power and other recovering people for help with what choices are available.

I am lucky that other, loving people in food recovery are only a phone call away, to help me walk through not only my food choices, but also my fear. I always pick up the phone. They remind me to see my food through the eyes of what my higher power wants for me, instead of through my disease.