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E22: Vance Johnson, Uncovered and Recovered

E22: Vance Johnson, Uncovered and Recovered

JUN 23, 2021 – The Big Leagues. The Pros. Fame. Fortune. Drinking and Driving. Overdose. Coma. Treatment. All of these are references to the life of today’s guest.

Vance Johnson is a former wide receiver for the Denver Broncos where he played for 10 seasons. During the “glory years,” Vance was struggling with an addiction to drugs and alcohol so intensely that he walked away from the NFL and a pending contract renewal. He struggled for over 20 years and eventually found himself in the hospital in a medically induced coma for 28 days. Shockingly, even that was not his “rock bottom.” Vance’s 7th wife filed for divorce, but not before reaching out to the NFL and asking them to help him. He later admitted to a residential treatment center in Florida, and he has been clean and sober ever since. Vance is now a recovery advocate, drawing on his personal and professional experience to help other people find recovery.

Ironically, it is through recovery that we have the ultimate mind-altering experience. Thank you for listening!

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