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Could This New Bill Help Florida Fight the Opioid Epidemic?

Florida continues to struggle with a drug epidemic, experiencing some of the highest overdose rates in the nation. Policy makers have been considering many different ways to handle this, including the reintroduction of a special drug task force. Lawmakers are now proposing a new bill to reinforce the work that local offices and facilities are doing, and ensure treatment for all who need it.

A Bill to Increase Insurance Coverage

Many Floridians have found that restrictions on insurance coverage can lead to a lapse in addiction treatment and substance abuse care. A newly proposed bill hopes to tackle this issue by preventing insurance companies from offering fewer benefits for mental health and addiction-related treatments. This also helps to remove the harmful stigma attached to these treatments, making them far more accessible.

Insurance Should Treat All Conditions Equally

While insurers are required by law to cover medical conditions equally, some advocates are concerned that insurance providers use loopholes to limit the amount of money they will pay for addiction and mental health treatment. If it passes and becomes law, Senate Bill 360 would guarantee that insurers pay equally for all types of medical treatment, including addiction and mental health needs.

Part of a Major Overhaul

This bill is a part of a more extensive overhaul of Florida law, responding to the recent drug epidemic that has taken root within the state.

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