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Food Addiction, by Lori Herold, RD, LD

Backyard BBQ Abstinent Recipe

Summertime is filled with spending time with our family and friends and often times includes a backyard BBQ.  This week’s blog is a simple abstinent recipe that can be shared at the next BBQ/Pool Party that you attend.

Marinated Grilled Fish 

1 lb. fresh fish fillet

2 tsp. lemon juice

2 tsp. dill blend or fresh dill

2 tsp. balsamic vinegar

Add ingredients to fish and allow it to marinade for approximately 4 hours before cooking.  Grill over mesquite or other charcoal.

Two Bean Salad

½ lb. or 1 box frozen green beans

½ lb. or 1 box frozen wax beans

½ jar chopped pimentos

¼ cup white or balsamic vinegar

Cook beans according to package or usual preferred method.  Toss with vinegar and chopped pimentos.  Serve warm.


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