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A Goodbye to My Disease by Allison N.

A Goodbye to My Disease by Allison N.

So long you’ve been hiding
Deep inside my brain
Slowly taking control of me
And making me insane.

You’d make me think I was happy
But I’d always end up sad
And in my deepest depression
I thought you were the only thing I had.

You’ve made me lie to everyone
And deny that you are real
But despite my best attempts
I couldn’t even put down that pill.

My world revolved around you
Day in and day out
You’d never take a day off
For this I have no doubt.

I’ll never let you make me forget
That you are my disease
Even when I think you’re gone
And my heart feels at ease.

I know you’ll always be here
No matter where I go
Trying to outsmart me
And attempting to take control.

But it’s time for this to stop
Where you do all the talking
Finally, I See You
Pack your bags and get walking.