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We Stay Sober No Matter What, by Anonymous

We Stay Sober No Matter What, by Anonymous

Part of recovery is working with others. I’ve been clean and sober for a little while now and find this to be the best part of recovery. Recently a newly sober woman said to me “How am I supposed to stay sober after losing my job, that job was everything to me and now I’m devastated.” My first thought, which is often the very thing that should NOT come out of my mouth was “well, if that the worst thing that happens to you today it’s a pretty good day.”

I use this one a lot in my own life because it helps me get into gratitude and without that, I’m doomed. Her question made me think about all the things I’ve been through in my own personal journey of recovery. I didn’t drink or drug when my brother died, when my mother died or when my friends died. I didn’t drink or drug when I went through back surgery and I didn’t drink and drug when diagnosed with cancer and went through multiple surgeries after that.

Living life on life’s terms, especially in 2020, has been challenging to say the least. But recovery lives on, we press hard and keep pressing. I have other solutions today, other choices. Picking up a drink or a drug is no longer on the list. Going to a meeting even if only on zoom, calling my sponsor, calling another woman in recovery, helping someone who has less than me or that is struggling, always keeps me in the solution. Recovery has given me the ability and the choices to do something different today.

We stay sober no matter what!


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