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The Traditions, A Framework for Recovery, Part 3, by John B.

The Traditions, A Framework for Recovery, Part 3, by John B.

The Traditions are designed to keep the GROUP from destroying ITSELF; the Steps are designed to keep US from destroying OURSELVES! Tradition

Three: The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking.

Hi, folks! Thought it would be interesting and helpful this outing to present some great questions I found just lying around on the internet!  Bring some of these up for discussion the next time you find yourself at a (dreaded) TRADITIONS MEETING! Try it; you’ll look like a pro!

In considering the essence of Tradition Three, ask yourself the following:

Do I prejudge some new AA members?

Is there some kind of alcoholic whom I privately do not want in my AA group?

Do I set myself up as a judge of whether a newcomer is being genuine?

Do I let politics or language, religion (or lack of it), race, education, age, or any other similar factors get in the way of my ability to carry the message?

Am I overly impressed by another’s story, job or career?  Can I treat this new member as one more sick human, just like the rest of us?

When someone comes to AA for help, does it matter to me where they live or whether they have been to AA before? How about what other problems they might have?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, congratulations, you are just like the rest of us!


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