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The Road to Recovery by Whitley C.

At the age of 21 I found myself riding a Greyhound bus under the influence of many substances and there had never been a clearer sign that my life was crashing down around me. It was a normal day in my life at that time but my soul had emptied. I was physically ill due to the amount drugs and alcohol I had been using. I had wanted to die for some years by this point and I was consumed with hopelessness. I made a decision on that bus to get help. Since August of 2011 my life has transformed and blossomed into something I could not have dreamed of. I became active in Alcoholics Anonymous, got a sponsor and began working the steps of AA. I have had the privilege of sponsoring other women and walk them through their darkest times just as my sponsor had done for me. I recently was asked to speak at an AA meeting and as I was telling my story I was hit with a large amount of gratitude for my sobriety and all that I have been through to get me where I am today. I am forever grateful for my sobriety and all the people that have carried me through life when I had doubts. Being sober has given me amazing gifts that I cherish every day.