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The Gift of Sponsorship by Nicole M.

I remember the day I got out of detox like it was yesterday.  My boyfriend and mother dropped a bombshell that I was not allowed home, wasn’t allowed to see my kids, no cell phone, no car.  All those “yets” were about to happen.  The insane part about it is that I actually considered being homeless and pictured what my life would be like living under the bridge.  I pondered on that thought for the next couple of days and decided to go to impatient treatment.  That was the turning point in my life.

One of the things that was drilled in my head since the first day, and still is, is how important sponsorship is.  I wanted what my sponsor had.  She was happy, joyous and free.  I needed someone to call me out on my behaviors and hold me accountable for my actions.  I have had the same sponsor since the day I came into the rooms.  It is now my turn to give away what was so freely given to me.  I sponsor women and take them through the 12 Steps, and to be able to see the “psychic change” is one of the greatest gifts this program has given me.


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