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The 4th Dimension by John B.

My first day in treatment I was given a Big Book and a 12 & 12 for my reading enjoyment.  It was extremely difficult for me to read, though, as there seemed to be a Category 5 hurricane blowing full force inside my brain.  However, the fact that I was unable to sleep gave me plenty of time to re-read the same paragraph over and over again until I grasped enough of its meaning to go on to the next.

I progressed through the book in this fashion and, after a few days, came upon this statement in Bill’s Story where he talks about life after he got sober.  He says, “I have been rocketed into a 4th dimension of living,” or something like that.  I am too lazy to look it up, but that is the essence of the thing.

As I was in my second week of sobriety at the time, I thought THAT would be great!  Up to that point in my life, I was always trying  to be rocketed somewhere.

My actual experience in sobriety, though, seemed to contradict Bill’s.  I definitely did not feel as if I had been rocketed or catapulted anywhere.  However, at that time, not drinking or using was definitely a better alternative than returning to the bottom that I had just been rescued from.

Anyway, funny story:  so I stay sober like forever, occasionally going on and on about how I hate my life and my job, etc.  Blah, blah, wah, wah.

Then one day I realize I actually have been in another dimension for years without realizing how or when I got here!  The universe that YOU are reading this in IS an opposite universe!  Or to say it another way, another dimension of being!

See in this universe, we do the OPPPOSITE of what our mind tells us is the right thing and are relieved of our misery and pain.  Like this, for example:  “What shall I do today,” you think.  Your mind responds, “I know, let’s use, or steal something, or lie or rob or cheat!”  Or any of a million other things.  But now, what do we DO if we DON’T want what we HAD?  Right!  We do the opposite.  We go to a meeting, call our sponsor, work a step, get out of ourselves and step into a NEW WAY OF LIVING that really works!

Hey – If you don’t believe me, you could try it!


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