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Resistance is Futile by John B

He boldly strode out to the bow of the ship and shouted into the wind, as loud as he could manage, “I’m King of the WORLD!”  (But said it mostly to impress some girl.)   And then, “No, wait, I’m standing on the mother-bleeping TITANIC…..!”   “Crap……!!!”, was all he could manage after that.

For a long time after I got sober, I liked to regale everyone at the meetings I went to with my story about all the “bad breaks and misunderstandings” that had caused me to end me up there.  Indeed it was a sad story; and I repeated over and over again, to anyone who would listen.  I just used different WORDS each time I repeated it!

Sadly, I believed myself to be a victim of the universe and wanted everyone to know.  I would try to explain how unfair my life was; that if there were ANY justice at all, I should be winning the lottery in short order, even though I don’t play!  Come on God, save me, will ya?

People in meetings just laughed when I said stuff like that.  After a while, I learned they weren’t laughing AT me, but with me.  What a relief!

As it turns out, believing you are a victim is just another character defect.  Really.  Who knew?

Growth happens.  It usually begins with one of those “more is revealed” moments that I love so much!  I start out resisting heavily because I really  dislike it when more is revealed.  I drank and drugged for a long time to avoid just such awareness.  Growth is uncomfortable, because more often than not there is some type of character building involved.  Oh yeah.  Bring it!

But, I love to resist, at first.  I rant and I rail to anyone who will listen, but I mostly I just vent it all on my poor sponsor.  Luckily for me, however, he believes that listening to me rant, rave and generally RESIST the universe helps HIM stay sober!  Imagine that.

I beg of you, dear reader: learn from my mistakes and surrender now….. resistance is FUTILE!  Go with the flow, and come join us as we walk the road of “Happy Destiny”.

Oh, yeah…and get a good sponsor for the journey, too.

This piece is dedicated to my sponsor, Jerry D.


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