E17: Former NHL Player & Author of the book, Pain Killer, Brantt Myhres

APR 21, 2021 – When you think of an “addict” or “alcoholic,” does your mind conjure up images of homelessness, liquor bottles in brown paper bags or someone stumbling down a dark alley in the wrong part of town? You probably don’t think of a professional athlete playing on hockey’s most elite stage. With that being said, addiction does not discriminate; it affects every race, genger and socioeconomic class.

Brantt Myhres is a former player in the National Hockey League who was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992. After playing for 7 different teams and making millions, his drug & alcohol use also earned him 4 League suspensions and eventually, a life-time ban. Brantt got sober in 2008, studied substance abuse & behavioral health at Mount Royal University in Calgary and went on to work with the Los Angeles Kings as the team’s player assistance director. Brantt recently released his book, Pain Killer – A Memoir of Big-League Addiction and is here to talk with us about his journey.

Episode Resources

www.amazon.com – Link to Brantt’s book, Pain Killer