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Equine Therapy

Equine therapy is an experiential treatment method that uses the connection between people and horses to enhance physical or emotional healing. At Turning Point of Tampa, we may use different forms of equine therapy depending on client needs.

What are the different types of equine therapy?

There are several different forms of equine-related therapy and treatment. These include:

  • Equine-assisted psychotherapy: focuses on individuals managing mental or substance use disorders, cognitive issues, and other disorders. While still a form of “talk” therapy, EAP allows clients to use multiple senses to process their underlying emotional issues. The outdoor environment and use of animals lend a unique, positive dimension to the experience that is different than traditional therapy.During each session, clients may ride or work with horses while a mental health professional helps the individual process certain emotions and memories. Participants usually learn all aspects of horse care, including grooming, saddling and riding.
  • Hippotherapy: a form of physical, occupational and speech therapy, co-facilitated by a licensed physical, occupational or speech therapist, as well as a certified equine specialist. It is designed to help patients with neuromuscular disorders improve balance, coordination and body control.
  • Therapeutic Riding: considered an Equine-Assisted Activity, rather than Equine Therapy, and has proven effective in helping children heal from trauma, as well as improve confidence and self-esteem.

We invite you to learn more about the different types of equine therapy that we offer at Turning Point of Tampa by scheduling a free consultation with our team.

Who can benefit from equine therapy?

Equine therapy is a non-judgmental practice that is intended for clients of all ages, backgrounds, and needs. Since horses form deep bonds that are not based on social stigma or expectations, clients can find a sense of acceptance and camaraderie when working with animals that may be missing from their daily interactions.

How do I know if equine therapy is right for me?

Even if they have never worked with horses before, equine therapy is often a good fit for clients in recovery who are seeking an outlet for their focus and motivation. Many of the basic skills needed to care for horses are best learned through repetition, providing a helpful structure and sense of responsibility for individuals in recovery.

What should I expect from equine therapy?

Equine therapy sessions differ depending on the needs, background, and experience level of the participants. All sessions will incorporate elements of behavioral therapy alongside the care and handling of horses.

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