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Negotiating with your Higher Power by Mike H.

Negotiating with your Higher Power by Mike H.

Sometimes I remember when I would promise my Higher Power I would never drink again if only I would stop being sick, not lose my license, not have everyone mad at me, not go to jail, etc.  I guess we have all been down that road.  This is my favorite story about making a deal with your Higher Power that I heard many years ago from the late Brother Dave Gardner, a man whose views on life I sorely miss.

A very wealthy businessman from North Carolina had to travel to New York City on an urgent business trip.  It required him to travel by air, and since he had never flown before, he was extremely nervous.  Shortly after the flight took off, it ran into a violent thunderstorm.  Lightning crashed around the plane as it bounced up and down through the turbulent air.  The terrified businessman cried out loud, “Lord, get me through this and I will give you half of everything I own.”  Seated behind the businessman was a preacher who overheard what he had said.

No sooner were the words out of the businessman’s mouth than the sky turned blue, the plane leveled out and they had a smooth trip into New York.  As the passengers were walking through the terminal, the preacher caught up with the businessman and grabbed him by the arm.  He said to him, “Brother, I heard what you said on the plane and I know you are going to give half of everything you own to the Lord.”  “No, I’m not,” the businessman replied, “I made a better deal with him as I got off the plane.”  “I told him that if I ever get on another one, he can have it all.”


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