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It’s That Time of Year by Debbie W.

As the new year approaches many people begin to think about making New Year’s resolutions. Some actually accomplish them. Most are neglected and forgotten by February. Here are some suggestions for success with your resolutions in 2015.

1. Define your goals. Be specific and make sure your goal is realistic.

2. Plan. What are the Physical preparations you need to make such as materials, equipment, or perhaps even a visit to your doctor? What are the Mental preparations needed? Who might support you emotionally? Are you honestly committed to this change? What are its potential benefits? And finally, what are the Spiritual preparations you need to make? Let your Higher Power in on what you’re doing! Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Write some affirmations that support success.

3. Keep track of your progress. Record it on a calendar. Keep a journal. And keep in mind that any change is process! There will be ups and downs. Getting off track temporarily does not mean failure, but perhaps you need to revise your plan. It’s all an opportunity to learn more about yourself… so take one day at a time… enjoy the ride.


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