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It’s Not Brain Surgery by Mike H.

Why, Why, WHY do addicts insist on make a simple program so difficult?  (Answer:  The need to control every minute of their daily life).  A client once asked me, “How are going to stay sober today?”  I replied, “Well, let’s see….I’m not going to drink any alcohol.”  “Good, good” replied the client (as he took notes) and then asked “What else?”

Come on people – we are not performing brain surgery here.  We are not building a piano or painting the Sistine Chapel.  We are  following a simple path that allows us, just for today, to remain sober.  I finally satisfied the client, who had to hear “what else” by telling him that I was not going to drink today because I had more important things to do.  (Before he could ask what they were, I gave him an assignment to work on).

Throughout the Big Book are reminders that we need to “keep it simple” – “a day at a time” – “First things first” – “Easy does it”.  Put away your scalpel, your hammer, and your paintbrush – you don’t need them today.  I think I’ll stay sober today by not drinking any alcohol, writing an entry for the blog, and going to a meeting.  What’s your plan?


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