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It’s a Miracle by John B

Let me say a few words about depression and anxiety:  I hate them both!  And they are related to each other like evil twins; an incestuous brother and sister act.

For those of you that don’t actually have a diagnosis of depression or anxiety, you are the lucky ones.  For those of us that do, life can be difficult sometimes; hard all the time – if you don’t get some professional help.

See, I don’t have a choice to just STOP being depressed.  I wish I did.  Really, I do.  It seems that sometimes in 12 step meetings, there exists an unspoken belief by some that, if God can solve any problem, why not that one?  Well, because YOU don’t have DEPRESSION, is why!   What you have is called “the blues”.  Sing a happy song, think happy thoughts!  Listen to some music and all is right with the world.

At a meeting the other day, I shared about my issues with depression.  After I finished this girl raised her hand and said she read in the Bible that Jesus said in regard to depression, you “need not” feel this way!

So, when she read that, she was able to cure HER depression…. just like that!  A miracle, indeed.

Sadly, it’s not that easy for people like me.  Luckily HP stocked this world full of PhD’s and Therapists, for those of us that have “outside issues”.

Believe me, the only shame here is NOT getting some help.  Hey, it’s in the Big Book, you could look it up!


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