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Turning Point of Tampa is an in-network provider with Aetna for substance abuse treatment. This means that if you are an Aetna plan member, you have access to behavioral health services at our facility.

Turning Point of Tampa Receives Aetna Institutes of Quality Designation

Turning Point of Tampa is thrilled to receive a Quality Designation from Aetna Inc. for addiction treatment services. Providers can earn this status for commitment to continuous improvement and excellent care. As a result of this designation, you will receive value and high-quality care.

To achieve the honor of and Aetna “Institute of Quality” (IOQ) designation, providers must meet strict criteria. These include:

  • Offering daily access to medical care

  • Maintaining accreditation from a recognized body

  • Involving family and significant others in treatment

  • Measuring treatment progress and outcomes

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Turning Point of Tampa has received this designation because of the high-quality care that we offer our clients. The credentialing process for this designation is extensive. We are so proud to have this recognition.

Robin Piper
CEO/Clinical Director

Aetna Behavioral Health Services

Aetna is a behavioral health provider that offers mental health benefits to plan holders. Having positive mental and emotional health can highly impact employees and the workplace. Having access to affordable and quality healthcare services is a huge benefit for employees.

In the United States, the cost to employers for stress-related health care and missed work is over $300 billion dollars. Aetna is transforming the system with mental health services provided to policy holders. You can explore all your options by either using their provider locator online or by calling a representative to request more information.

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Aetna health information programs exact details will vary based on the services provided within the chosen health plan. For mental and behavioral health services, access to facilities that specialize in addiction or psychiatric care will be based on the need and acuity presented.

Provider participation is another way to describe being in-network with Aetna. Turning Point of Tampa has an agreed predetermined contracted rate for the services offered. This is a convenience only Aetna Inc can negotiate on behalf of their members.

Out-patient programs or clinics that offer general health information, support and/or therapy from psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, therapists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, counselors, and primary care providers can also be part of Aetna behavioral health services.

In many cases, mental health problems can co-occur with addiction. At Turning Point of Tampa, we will assess and address your mental health concerns if you are seeking care for substance abuse and addiction.

What is an Aetna Institute of Quality for Behavioral Health?

Aetna makes information about the quality and cost of health care services available to its members to help them make informed decisions about their health care needs. 

In line with this goal, Aetna recognizes facilities in its network that offer specialized clinical services for certain health conditions. Facilities are selected for exemplifying:

  • Excellence in care

  • Commitment to continuous improvement

  • Meeting certain standards of quality

  • Cost efficiency

Aetna recognizes providers that have earned this designation by identifying them in the directory as an Institute of Quality provider. Turning Point of Tampa is an Aetna Institute of Quality for Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse. This designation helps members choose consistent high-quality care.

Aetna Health Insurance Plans

Aetna Inc. was founded in 1853 and is active in all fifty states. Aetna’s network coverage includes 1.2 million healthcare professionals, almost 700,000 primary care doctors, medical professionals, and specialists. There are over 5,700 hospitals.

Aetna Inc. has over forty-six million members in its various health plans, including regular health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance. Aetna strives for better health outcomes for their plan holders.

With Aetna insurance, you may be covered for the following products or services described here:

  • Detoxification

  • Inpatient rehabilitation

  • Residential rehabilitation

  • Partial hospital treatment

  • Intensive outpatient treatment

  • Continuing care programs

Turning Point of Tampa works with Aetna and follows all privacy practices. Determining what financial responsibility or liability is on the insured is provided for your convenience during the insurance verification process. When seeking addiction treatment and utilizing insurance this process is necessary to clearly ensure the responsibility of the patient.

What are Aetna’s Plan Levels?

Aetna offers open-access plans, copay only plans, and high-deductible plans.

Copay-only plans

A copay-only plan will guarantee that your costs after paying your deductible will only be copays. Generic drugs and primary care physician visits are covered before you meet your deductible.

High-deductible plans

A high-deductible plan offers preventative care services prior to the deductible being me but other services are not covered at all until the deductible is met. There is an option for a health savings account. To view the detail of your plan, you can log into the member site.

Open-access plans

The open-access plans allow you to choose your doctor. This is provided for your convenience; They do not require a referral from a primary care physician.

To better support patients in the community, Aetna Inc. offers many local plans supported by the national network of providers.

Does Aetna Cover Addiction Treatment?

Yes, Aetna will cover addiction treatment. If you are a health plan holder the portion you are responsible for will be determined once Aetna states your benefits and the level of cost they determine will be your responsibility. Turning Point of Tampa offers affordable quality healthcare and is in-network with Aetna.

According to Aetna, over 21 million Americans have a substance abuse disorder, yet only one in 10 receives treatment. This statement is alarming, but with proper treatment from a health care professional, it is possible to get help.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires all health care insurance companies to provide some type of coverage for alcohol and drug treatment.

The ACA requires all health insurance plans to cover mental health inpatient services, behavioral health treatment (e.g., psychotherapy, counseling, or other mental health therapy) and substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.

What Types of Addiction Treatment Does Aetna Cover?

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The types of treatment that Aetna will cover will vary from plan to plan. Turning Point of Tampa is in network with Aetna Inc. and a plan member has access to our treatment services.

To identify what your individual plan covers– consisting of coinsurance, copays, and deductibles– you may need to call your insurance provider.

While substance abuse treatment is considered to be an essential service under the Affordable Care Act, the level of coverage that is offered by your insurance company will vary. Typically, you can select a higher coverage plan at an increased monthly cost or select a lower coverage plan at a reduced monthly cost.

Do Treatment Centers Need to Be In-Network?

No. However, if you seek treatment at a facility that is in-network with Aetna Inc., you will receive maximum use of your full benefits. A treatment facility that is not in-network with Aetna Inc., will most assuredly have more cost associated with that decision.

Aetna Resources for Addiction Treatment

Aetna’s customer service center provides resources anytime, day or night. It offers a treatment finder with therapists, health care professionals and treatment options near you. Be sure to have your member ID card and health plan information ready.

We Accept Aetna Insurance

Turning Point of Tampa accepts most Aetna Inc. insurance plans with the exception of Aetna Medicare. Aetna health care plans can cover addiction treatment at our facility. If you need assistance with determining what your coverage will be for treatment services, please contact our staff.

Turning Point of Tampa is an Aetna Provider

Turning Point of Tampa is honored by Aetna’s acknowledgement of their dedication and work in the field of Addiction. 

The goal and mission of the organization is to provide a high quality of care and to support individuals and their families who are struggling with addiction. The acknowledgment of the ethical and exceptional treatment therapy provided at our facility is a distinguished honor.

Turning Point of Tampa has been operating in the Tampa Bay community for over 30 years and has been family owned since its inception. 

Licensed to provide Residential, Day/Night and Intensive Outpatient treatment, and accredited by The Joint Commission, Turning Point of Tampa has been a leader in the field of addiction for many years. Turning Point of Tampa is a one campus comprehensive twelve step-based facility.

If you or someone you know is on a search for substance abuse providers or resources to overcome addiction, please reach out to us for more information.

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