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I’m Not Santa by Mike H

I remember my grandiose thoughts during my first year as an addictions therapist – I would give the gift of recovery to my clients.  Wow, look at the Ego on me!  I quickly learned that recovery wasn’t something I could just hand over to someone – I didn’t have that kind of power.  What I did discover was that I could show my clients where to look for the gift and make suggestions on how to obtain it.  I do this by walking along side of them on the road to recovery.  If they stray off the path, I redirect.  If they stumble, I help them up and offer encouragement to try again.  When we pass a milestone, I pat them on the back.  There’s a catch, of course.  The client must have just a bit of willingness and enough courage to take the first few baby steps.

If you are currently traveling down the destructive path of addiction and seek new direction, come on down and lets you and I take a walk – I have some things I’d like to show you.

I haven’t been totally honest – there was one occasion in my life when I successfully did give the gift of recovery —-the day I gave it to myself.  My heart is still filled with love and appreciation for all you who showed me where to look.