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I am so sensitive, you just hurt my feelings by John B


Here’s how I know I am growing:  I am uncomfortable.  That’s why I resist it so much!  I have heard it said that the 12 steps is a “Million Dollar” program.  Well, people like me get it jammed up our assess one nickel at a time!!


My ego so fat…..
The back of its neck looks like a pack of hot dogs!
When my ego runs, friction causes its thighs to catch fire!

I am so sensitive, you just hurt my feelings

Self Centeredness

It’s all about ME, right?  I mean let’s face it, how can it not be all about me because I am so smart and handsome and smart too…..stop looking at me
The New Guy at my job

Being the new guy at my job, I feel like the character on SNL;  you know, the “Makin Copies” guy?   I am always trying to connect with people so they will like me, but never really succeeding, because I try too hard and just end up scaring them!

Thank God I am going to a meeting today!!


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