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How I use the Slogans…

This Too Shall Pass

I definitely use this saying the most when I am stressed and anxious. I catch myself at least a dozen times a day needing to remind myself that what I am feeling is temporary, or remind myself that whatever I am going through – such as, running out of food and not being able to get to the grocery store right away; missing the bus; or simply feeing lonely and having the urge to isolate – can only last so long. This allows me the opportunity to change my reaction.

Don’t Give Up Before the Miracle Happens

I tend to get so fearful of the unknown I sabotage any chance of a potential miracle. When I feel uncomfortable or “pushed in a corner,” my reaction is to run and hide. But the times I have held on, despite wanting to run, I have gained strength, wisdom, and courage to overcome what I once thought was impossible. That, to me, is a miracle within itself.

Easy Does It

This slogan helps me slow down and trust my recovery process. I am so quick to spiral downward with self-pity, self-sabotage, and self-destruction of my recovery. Reminding myself “Easy Does It” allows me to be gentle with myself and my journey. This has helped me gain self-love and patience for my recovery process.

Feelings Are Not Facts

For years I believed that what I felt was reality. When I felt depressed, it was because I deserved it and was destined to live a depressed life. When I felt lonely and abandoned, my mind would automatically tell me that people hate being around me. Since learning that feelings are not facts, I am able to see how I can feel depressed, sad, lonely, or abandoned without there being a hidden agenda or motive created by God or people. By being able to separate my feelings from the reality of the current situation, I feel less paranoid and crazy.